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Title : Input Devices
Published By : Antony
Posted on: 14 - October - 2013
Edited on: 14 - October - 2013
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Input Device

An input device is a peripheral device used to feed data or information to system. An input device includes a keyboard, pointing device,


This is a standard input device, contains letters, numbers and symbols...

pointing device

A device that can control the movement of the pointer to select item. Some examples of pointing devices include

mice (mouse),



touchpads, and

light pens.

Bar Code Readers

A bar code is a specialized code represented by sets of parallel bars of varying thickness and separation for various data. Can be seen in any products representing item details including price.


Magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) technology reads iron oxide ink pre-printed or encoded on checks, deposit slips or on documents. An MICR reader electronically captures data.

Voice Input Devices

It is speech- recognition devices or voice-recognition systems.

Touch Screen

A touch screen is a screen that allows users to interact with a computer system by touching an area of the display screen.


A scanner is a device that reads spatial pattern such as images, graphics and texts etc.,


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