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Title : Output Devices
Published By : Antony
Posted on: 14 - October - 2013
Edited on: 14 - October - 2013
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Output Device

An output device is any peripheral device that gives result to outside world such as a

monitor: A monitor is a screen used to display the output

printer: A printer is an output device that produces a hard copy of data.

Some of the printers are Daisy-Wheel Printer, Chain Printer, Dot-Matrix Printer, Ink-Jet Printer, Laser Printer plotter

Plotter: A plotter is a graphics printer for making graphs, charts, maps, and three-dimensional graphics.

voice output device:  Sound produced as an output

Modem: Another form of the output device is a modem. A modem is short for "Modulator Demodulator."


Projector: Output device for text and graphics output. OHP (Over Head Projector) is also output device (text only).

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